These IMPROVE graduates are still in their starting blocks, ready to kickstart their entrepreneurial careers. Want to meet them?

Eef Lamers

“I learned many things by building up my own business. For instance that a Business Plan is really essential when you want to build something up from scratch. But don’t go blind on the details. And just do it. Be brave”

Roger Seelen

“Joining the IMPROVE program opened up a lot of doors for me. I did not only learn how to start up my own business, I also met interesting and nice people and found a place where I can work on my company!”

Quirine Wissink

“Last year during a TEDtalk in Arnhem, one of the speakers introduced me to Mercator Launch and from there it all went very fast. I immediately signed up for the IMPROVE program and from there my business grew.”

Marlieke van Schalwijk

“I’m very interested in social entrepreneurship. What got me thinking was the refugee crisis of the past few years. I strongly believe in the idea of economic integration. That’s why I wrote a business proposal for ‘Hidden Talents’: a startup that supports people from different backgrounds to find a job.”

Martijn van der Meulen

“Plexuz is an app that gives medical students personal feedback on their learning behavior. The app tracks your progress and advises which topics you still need to work on. I often discuss my business and growth opportunities with a coach from Mercator Launch. It helps to be surrounded by the right people!”

Lucas Prigge

“Veganicious is an online platform where you can find everything you need to know about the vegan way of life. The ultimate goal is to make vegan life easier. For me, Mercator Launch filled the gap between what I knew and what I needed to know in order to further develop my idea and make it market ready!”