IMPROVE program

Do you have a innovative idea, an entrepreneurial mindset and do you want to start your own business? Pitch your idea to one of our business coaches and join our IMPROVE program!

What is the IMPROVE program?

The IMPROVE program is a 10-step program that supports future entrepreneurs, like you, in starting their own business. The program is based on the Lean Startup method and guides you through the most vital steps  of starting your business. You will get all the necessary strategies, tools and support to make sure that your business will have an excellent start. Do you have that million dollar idea? Don’t miss our next edition.

 The 10 steps to success

Want to know more about the IMPROVE program and the 10 steps to success you’ll learn all about?

Having a clear WHY contributes to the success of your startup. We will introduce you to the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek that explains how to determine the reason why your startup exists.

If your startup doesn’t solve a problem, who will pay for your product in the end? The Value Proposition Canvas will support you to understand your customer’s problem and describes the benefits from your products & services.

Every startup is continuously searching for a repeatable and scalable business model. It describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value. We will introduce you to the famous Business Model Canvas, a dynamic tool that allows you to explore different business models for your startup.

Unintentionally, you will make assumptions regarding your customer segment, value proposition and other elements of your business model. It is key to test and validate your assumptions. Using the Validation Board, you will Get Out Of the Building to talk with potential customers and validate the assumptions you’ve made.

After you defined a clear and detailed solution to your customer’s problem, you will start building a prototype. The Lean Startup Method is an approach you will use to develop your Minimal Viable Product in line with customer needs and reduce the overall development time of your product.

Knowing your market is an important step in your startup foundation. You will receive a tool to assess your market, target market, market size and trends. Furthermore, you’ll be introduced to the basics of Intellectual Property Rights, strategy and management.

At some time, your startup will be in need of financial means in order to make progress in product development and growth. We will discuss your startup’s financial forecasting, investment needs and funding sources.

A good pitch is important to spread your business concept and convince potential investors to support your startup. You will learn about the verbal as well as non-verbal do’s and don’ts during your pitch and you’ll get the opportunity to pitch for a broad audience during the Mercator Launch Pitch Event.

Based on two cases, you will learn how to develop a Go-2-Market strategy: an action plan specifically focused on the key steps and activities that are necessary to bring the technology to the market, as a product, service or process.

After you successfully complete the IMPROVE program, you are able to apply for funding. Our business coaches can help you raise your first starting capital.