The objective of Charmtop is to allow elderly people to use technology. By providing them with a simplified computer with support, elderly people no longer need to rely on others and can use technology themselves.

     1.        What is your value proposition?

We have a sustainable computer with support that is so simple that elderly people who don’t understand current computers can use it.

Charmtop complies with SDG goals 3: Good health and well-being, 11: Sustainable cities and communities, 12: Responsible consumption and production and 15: Life on land.

2.        What is your mission?

Elderly people have trouble dealing with computers but could benefit a lot from using them (online banking, tickets). Those problems often lead to ineffective work arounds like family members taking over work, driving around to get things done and buying expensive computers, tablets and the like that do not really work either. 

 3.        How did Mercator Launch help you?

A business is more than a product. The whole organization around it and how to deal with the money was a really useful thing to get help with. 

An idea is a good start but to get to a product requires a lot of testing that idea. Mercator Launch helped us to test the different assumptions properly to get to a product that people actually want. 

4.         What are the future plans for Charmtop?

We succeeded when all people that want to use computers are able to do so without having trouble or wasting resources. 

     5.      What do you need to make this happen?

We will need to build up a production line soon, we will need funding for that. We may also need a programmer. 

6.        If you can give one piece of advice to future entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Keep moving! You will have to change a lot of things before you have a product you can sell.