Displac3D is revolutionising the way we listen to music. Stereo is now oldskool, because founders Glenn and Alex introduced a whole new music experience: 3D audio. DISPLAC3D offers a mixing service to artists and works towards developing a mixing tool for consumers. Displac3D offers you an accessible, low-cost 3D music experience for the best parties and events at venues and at home.

What drives you?

The mission of Displac3D is to provide every music listener access to a great 3D music experience. Displac3D also offers a platform to bring researchers and artists together.

How did Mercator Launch help you?

The continuing support of Mercator Launch was key to the development of Displac3D. During the IMPROVE program, we learned about all the facets of the start-up world. After the program, Mercator Launch continued to support us by helping with our business plan. And the network of the business coaches helped us get all our questions answered, no matter how specific they were.

What are the future plans of Displac3D?

In the future, we hope that people get as excited about 3D sound as we are at Displac3D. Our ambition is to make a 3D quad speaker setup the new standard at clubs, festivals and parties at home. We would also like to create a thriving community of DJs, VJs and researchers to experiment and develop new 3D content.

What do you need to make this happen?

Displac3D is continuously looking for artists who want to experiment with and produce 3D content. Additionally, we need people to throw house parties and rent our speaker setup. Similar to getting a bigger computer screen, you first need to experience the added value of 3D sound, before you know that you need it in your life.

What tip would you offer other entrepreneurs?

That your first business idea will probably not work out exactly as you planned it. And maybe not even your second or third either. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not about what you want to do, but why you want to do it. Displac3D is now in its third iteration, due to false assumptions and high degree of competition in the music industry.

But even before we got the idea of Displac3D and long before started the IMPROVE program, our fascination about 3D sound motivated us to bring 3D sound from an experimental niche to the broad public. We know this will happen soon. But how exactly and with what product remains to be seen. But even during our ´failed´ attempts to create a concrete marketable 3D product, Displac3D has inspired many people to work with 3D sound. So, in the end, the process of creating a business plan already made Displac3D a big success because of all the people we inspired to work with 3D along the way!

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Forget old school stereo music, listen to your favorite music in 3D!


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