GelijkSpel connects people with a cognitive impairment with their loved ones through free digital, adaptive games. Through social connection, Gelijkspel aims to improve well-being; through freemium access it strives to improve equality.

What drives you?

As medical students, we are passionate about providing not only healthcare, but indeed quality of life as well. Through our own experiences, we’ve seen that entertainment for elderly dementia patients is often lacking to the patient, the family or even both. These experiences drive us to create something that both the patient, as well as their loved ones will enjoy, thereby strengthening their social contact.

How did Mercator Launch help you?

Mercator Launch taught us how to rise beyond the theoretical phase of entrepreneurship. In their course, we learned how we could take our ideas and experiences and transform those into a working, funded business.

What are the future plans for Gelijkspel?

We aim to bring our app to market within half a year and to become a major name within the world of adaptive games. If we can prove that our game indeed improves relations between elderly patients and their family, we aim to broaden our reach to include advanced prognostic analytics, as well as a similar concept for the mentally handicapped. Furthermore, we believe that our application could not only be beneficial for the Netherlands but in the entirety of Europe as well.

What do you need to make this happen?

To make this happen, we need not only funding, but expertise in marketing, finance as well as technical development. While we are more than willing to educate ourselfs in the marketing and finance department, funding remains a crucial factor in our ability to bring these innovative app to market.

What tip would you offer other entrepreneurs?

Just go for it! If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to try and make it work.

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