Pixelstad aims to revolutionize the world of spatial planning. By applying the latest technology in virtual and augmented reality, they create custom (dynamic) virtual environments that will improve the concensus building amongst stakeholders. Therefore they enhance the efficiency of the spatial planning process, which results in the most suitable outcome for society.

Pixelstad complies with the following SDG goal:

  • SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

What is your value proposition?

We offer a unique combination of technologies that speed up and improve city development, to create sustainable cities.

What drives you?

Our drive is to partially break the conservative, time consuming and costly process of spatial planning. Our mission is to create sustainable cities through improving communication among stakeholders which result in problems that come to light after the physical realisation.

How did Mercator Launch help you?

Mercator Launch helped us to get insights in the process from idea to business and which clear steps need to be taken to set a solid base for a business. Next to that, the extended network of Mercator Launch provided us with a lot of useful connections, which we probably not would have made on our own.  

What are the future plans for Pixelstad?

Our long-term plans are to have our service be a part of the spatial planning process. Because of this we can actually make an impact on the process, by streamlining the communication process among stakeholders and to create support for the physical planning to nullify the problems in hindsight.

What do you need to make this happen?

At this moment we work based on customization which disables the customer to do adjustments to the virtual environment. We are looking for single orders, but prefer investments, to build software which makes our service more user friendly for the customer.

What tip would you offer other entrepreneurs?

Go for it! See the journey as an adventure and be proud of your idea. But, also be aware. Even if your idea seems great, it will never be a guarantee for success. Keep close contact with Mercator Launch and grab a coffee time to time with your network, to keep yourself on the learning track and will guide you to make it a success. 

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