The best idea for Mercator Launch? Win a trip to Slush, Helsinki!

Do you have the best idea for Mercator Launch? Win a trip to Slush (Helsinki), the coolest startup event in Europe!

On May16th we will officially kick-off with Mercator Launch! We are very excited to present you the entrepreneurship program we have developed and show the location (hub) where it all will happen.

What is Mercator Launch? Mercator Launch is a pre-incubator located at the Heyendaal Campus in Nijmegen. We invite entrepreneurial minds at campus and support them with the translation of their (business) concept into a viable product, service or event. We connect starting entrepreneurs with experts, advisors, investors & funders, leading entrepreneurs, government agencies and corporates in order to launch new ideas into society. Because together we innovate faster!

We are looking for the golden idea for Mercator Launch

We are looking for engagement with our students, phd’s and teachers. Therefore, we would like to know how we can advance Mercator Launch and boost the hub where ideas take off. How can we help students to make their idea concrete? What has to be absolutely present at the Mercator Launch hub? How can we built the entrepreneurial community at campus? Or what has to be done to attract the entrepreneurs of the future?

Submit your golden idea for Mercator Launch, come to our Grand Opening on 16th of May and maybe you’re the one going to SLUSH on 4 and 5 December 2018! Mercator Launch will take care of your ticket, travel and lodging costs. Read more about SLUSH here.

Ready to share your idea with us? Please let us know if you attend the opening!

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Also register yourself on this link for the opening of Mercator Launch on May 16th, 2018!