Business coaching

Supporting young entrepreneurs is our passion! As business coaches, we are always available to help you turn your innovative idea into an impactful startup. Next to the IMPROVE program, we offer 1-on-1 customized coaching to kick start your entrepreneurial career successfully.

Do you want to know if the market is ready for your innovative idea? Or just want to check with us if you have the necessary skills to become an entrepreneur? We are here to help. Want to know who we are?

How I started

“Last year during a TEDtalk in Arnhem, one of the speakers introduced me to Mercator Launch and from there it all went very fast. I reached out to the business coaches and signed up for the IMPROVE program. Giving pitches is what I fear and love most. My ultimate tip is: “be yourself during a pitch, it’s cliché but it distinguishes me from more hardcore business people. I always stay close to myself and say what I feel.” Want to know more about her way to entrepreneurial success?