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When you reach the stage that you start collecting capital, you can turn to us for help. There are several vouchers and loans you can apply for as a starting entrepreneur. Even up to €85.000! And we can help you apply for them. Curious to see what’s out there?

“ORION startersvoucher”

This is a voucher of €2.500 for (phd-)students and alumni of the Heyendaal Campus and can be used for out of pocket costs when starting up a new, innovative business. When used for the right purposes, this money does not need to be paid back. 

So do you have an innovative idea for a business and will you use that extra cash wisely to help create it? Pitch your idea to the Startersvoucher committee and get one of the 20 Startersvouchers they grant each year. 

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“Lening Startup Fonds Gelderland”

This is a loan for young, innovative entrepreneurs that want to set up a business in Gelderland and who want to work closely with either the Radboud University, HAN, Van Hall Larenstein or Artez. You can apply for a loan up to €10.000, €25.000 or even €50.000 to help you with business development, building your prototype or market introduction.

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This is a voucher for innovative startups that are ready to grow. The ‘Groeiversneller’ is a voucher of €10.000 that scale-ups can use to ‘buy in’ knowledge to help grow their business.

A voucher can, for instance, be used for hiring an organization consultant, purchasing expertise for market research, financial advice or specific knowledge of technology.

And there are special vouchers for different branches, such as sustainable energy projects and special vouchers for export.

Want to know more about the ‘Groeiversnellers’ program, the conditions and find out if you are the right candidate for this voucher? 

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Need more?

Mercator Launch has a large network of investors. And we are always happy to help you connect with the right person or company that could help you grow your business.

Not looking for financial support but rather looking for help with building your business. We have a large professional network, including lawyers, accountants, IP specialists. etc.

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