Why Nijmegen is the best place for your Startup

Nijmegen has a great climate for starting entrepreneurs. This map shows why our central location to the Dutch capital and the German border in combination with the innovation hubs in the city are unique.

Why Nijmegen has the best entrepreneurial climate?

  • The region has a startup friendly ecosystem with many accelerators, incubators and investors.

  • Even though Nijmegen is only 1 hour from Amsterdam, it doesn’t have traffic jams. Also, office space is available at a normal price.

  • The city is located near Germany, where many business opportunities await.

  • For years now, the Heyendaal campus has invested in all kinds of entrepreneurial courses, housing, state-of-the art facilities, but also funds to get started.

  • With Mercator Launch it has added a place for entrepreneurs to meet likeminded people and get in touch with customers, investors and coaches to support and guide them.