The next IMPROVE program is taking off!


On March 7th, 2019 is the start of the second Mercator Launch IMPROVE program: a 10 step pre-incubation program for those who seriously consider starting their own business. What is a better way to learn more about the program than from the experiences of former participants? This week Jordy van Langen, founder of ShareTalk, shares his point of view on the IMPROVE program and what it has offered him.

‘When I signed up for the IMPROVE program I expected it to be highly informative regarding the different steps of building a startup. This expectation matches the reality. What I didn’t foresee was the comprehensive network of people around the IMPROVE. This was an absolute plus!’

ShareTalk builds a new on- and offline platform that enables people with mutual interests to meet. Every day many knowledge-rich, inspiring and experienced people are traveling by public transport to work, conferences or other social (network) meetings. Nevertheless, in each others proximity, they do not get in touch. ShareTalk enables these people to meet and connect. A (gaming) element encourages commuters to meet face-to-face, win points and receive discounts and other rewards.

Furthermore, Jordy was enthusiastic regarding the sessions: ‘The Pitch training was outstanding and all the other sessions were very good organized. The different locations (SUN, NTC, Rabobank) where the sessions took place gave me extra motivation to contribute to the program.’ In Jordy’s opinion the program delivered what was promised. ‘It brought me further. By building my own Golden Egg Academy, I have now a solid foundation on which to advance my business.’

“I’ve learned to be critical and listen to others. My idea can be as good as I think it is, however, there are always different angles to approach an idea.”

— Jordy van Langen, founder of ShareTalk

‘In conclusion, the program is definitely worth it! Although you might not be able to have your startup up & running immediately after the program, it definitely pointed me in the right direction and provided me access to a network for next steps!’

Are you a student, PhD or Alumni at the Heyendaal Campus and is your idea ready for the next step? Apply before February 26th by hitting the button below!