Pixelstad receives funding


If you are familiar with Mercator Launch, you most likely met Roger Seelen. An ambitious and motivated Radboud student, and founder of Pixelstad. On the 5th of February, his hard work and perseverance are rewarded with a Gelderland Valoriseert Voucher. After presenting his idea and defending his business for the commission, a voucher was granted to make the first steps towards a working demo-version of his product.

Pixelstad applies the latest technology in virtual and augmented reality in order to optimize the efficiency of the spatial planning process. Nowadays different stakeholders with different backgrounds from policy makers to engineers and citizens don’t speak the same ‘language’. This makes the planning process unnecessarily time and money consuming. Pixelstad creates custom (dynamic) virtual environments of a spatial plan, which can be used by the stakeholders throughout the spatial planning process as a platform where everybody has the same experience and can speak the same language. With the use of big data, all necessery information from every stakeholder can be put in the virtual environment, problems can be detected quickly and eventually a solution will derive that is most suitable for society.
With the GV-voucher Roger Seelen is going to lift Pixelstad to the next level. Are you interested in working with Pixelstad? Or do you have any questions? Roger is more than happy to talk about his business and potential collaborations. You can reach him on .

Would you like to know more about the Gelederland Valoriseert voucher or do you want to apply for one? Send an email to  and we will get back to you shortly!