Hacking Health Nijmegen

For the 5th time Radboudumc is hosting Hacking Health Nijmegen (HHN) as a part of the national Dutch Hacking Health: an event for ambitious health care professionals, patients, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and students, who are passionate about improving and innovating health care.

From April 5th till 7th, the participants work together in multi-disciplinary teams in order to come up with innovative solutions to existing problems. With the support of coaches and experts, the teams build a prototype of their solution in only 48 hours. This year the following topics will be tackled:

  • Live Healthy, Stay Healthy: how can we make healthy lifestyle easier?

  • Future-proof labor market for health care providers: how can we help health care providers to work smarter? What do we do about the growing demand of health care?

HHN is also the perfect place for you to pitch a topic or problem you believe is in need of an innovative solution.
After working throughout the HHN weekend, each team presents its prototype on Sunday, April 7th during the demo-event. The jury will determine the winning teams in the categories #bestinnovation#besthumancentereddesign and #bestdatadriven. The winners will receive support and advice to help them further develop their prototypes into a viable product or service and business.

Are you passionate about improving health care and are you interested In thinking of innovative solutions during HHN? This is your chance to shine!

Please visit nijmegen.dutchhackinghealth.nl for more information about the topics, program and other relevant content about Hacking Health Nijmegen. For questions send an email to  or !