4 tips for a fruitful summer!

Empty desks, out-of-office automatic replies and a deafening silence that allows you to work on that one project you never really had time for. As an entrepreneur, you usually don’t just take three or four weeks off from your startup. Especially since it’s far too much fun to be an entrepreneur! How do you ensure you have a relaxed and pleasant summer while improving your startup? We would like to give you four tips!

1. Take time for reflection and evaluation

The quiet summer time is an ideal period for reflection. You can use this time to evaluate your business strategies: what works well and what could be improved? During the summer there are less (work) distractions, which gives you time to work on your strategy for better results. It also gives you room to think of new ideas. You often come up with the best ideas at the weirdest, most relaxed, moments. So don’t forget to bring your notepad, pens, post-its and markers to your holiday spot and let those creative juices flow with a (non-alcoholic) cocktail in hand!

2. Do the tasks you never get around to

Make a list of tasks you’re going to do that you normally never have time for. Like the ultimate “I’m really going to do that in a short time” job of bringing your inbox down to zero unread emails. Or going through your folders and cleaning up your drive.

3. Surprise your colleagues with new knowledge or skills!

Take a course and surprise your colleagues when they come back by suddenly being the best at video marketing or tinkering with PowerPoint presentations. We have already made an overview of online courses, check it out here: https://www.mercatorlaunch.nl/online-courses-to-follow-from-your-home-office-or-couch/.

4. Catch up on some entrepreneurial reading

The summer is often the moment when you really have time to read a good book. Of course, this can be a nice short novel, but it’s also an opportunity to soak up the sun while reading inspirational entrepreneurial books. So, we prepared a book list for you! You can find it here: https://mercatorlaunch.nl/your-summer-reading-list/

Not that much into reading? Then listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship. Here are some listening tips: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/332940. Prefer to be visually stimulated too? Then you can go crazy on YouTube with inspiring TEDtalks https://www.ted.com/topics/entrepreneur.  

Finally, one of the best things you can do is refuel. Just do nothing at all. Clear your head and make sure that you are full of positive energy to get back to work on your business after your holiday!