A new year, a new location!

Mercator Launch is expanding. Since we started in 2018, we have grew substantially. Not only in terms of coaches, but mainly in the number of entrepreneurs we have supported. The first year alone we supported more than 100 start-ups and this number keeps growing. So it is time for a bigger workspace.

More room for entrepreneurship

That’s why Mercator Launch moved to a new location. Where it is? Well, it’s actually in the same building, but in the former “Radboud In’to Languages” wing! As of January 6th you are welcome to meet with our experts, join our workshops and networking events, or to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs in our new space. This new office also offers you more and improved workspaces for you and your team or meeting rooms for you and your clients. In addition, we now have offices for rent where you can work dedicated on your start-up, surrounded by other entrepreneurs and business coaches. Want to know more? Drop by and we will give you a tour.


A new office needs a new interior. With sustainability as one of our top priorities, we didn’t want to buy new stuff and asked our partners for redundant furniture instead. The result? A new office styled with 80% recycled furniture. Add some new paint and some new fabrics and the old looks completely new again. Fresh colours, inspiring quotes on the walls and generous portions of green in every room will give you a comfortable and inspirational place to start your business.

Office warming

Our official office warming is coming soon. We’d love to welcome you and give you a tour, so check your mailbox. Not receiving our mails yet? Sign up for our newsletter and don’t forget to follow us on social media.