IGNITE Award 2022 competition (NL & ENG)

Do you want to get off to a flying start with your business idea or plan? Join the IGNITE Award 2022 competition before June 24th! The main prize is €100.000!

IGNITE helps social entrepreneurs by igniting their fires. In this competition you’ll get off to a flying start with the IGNITE training programme if you are active in the field of social cohesion, labour force participation rate, healthcare innovation or combating loneliness or exclusion within society.

What are the benefits?

Is your business idea/ plan among the best entries? Then you’ll get to join the IGNITE programme. This means IGNITE will help you and your business to take the necessary steps to make even more impact. You’ll be coached individually, offered business workshops, taught how to make your story even more convincing, and gain better insight into your finances. You’ll also learn what makes a good business plan and what a professional corporate video looks like. In short, you win no matter what and society will benefit from that.

At the end of the programme, the professional jury will award three cash prizes to the entrepreneurs who know how to pitch their stories best. These prizes range from €30.000 to €100.000!

Do you want to know the planning? Check it out below:

  • June 1st- 24th 2022: Sign up!
  • July 4th, 5th or 6th 2022: Selection interview
  • September 6th – December 16th 2022: IGNITE training programme
  • January 19th 2023: Award ceremony

Are you interested in joining the IGNITE Award 2022 competition? Carefully read which requirements you need to meet before you apply. You can sign up here.