In the spotlight… Leornova!

This month Leornova is in our spotlight! The company is focused on providing the skills that are needed in the digital age, especially for higher education staff. We asked the founders, Evelien and Elisabeth, six questions:

1. What problem are you solving?

Leornova’s mission is to empower higher education staff to build the skill sets they need to be the change agents within their organisations.

2. What drives you?

We founded Leornova to contribute to the digital readiness and sustainable future of the field of higher education. Working in internationalisation of higher education at a research university ourselves, we are confronted with these challenges on a daily basis.

3. What support did you get from Mercator Launch?

During the Venture Track, we received coaching from Brechtje en Saskia and were appointed a mentor from our field. Our coach pushed us to look at the bigger picture and to keep working towards a solid business plan. Our mentor made some valuable suggestions as to financials and people in his network. This saved us a lot of time (and money). 

4. When is Leornova successful?

Leornova is successful when we inspire and empower future generations by reshaping the field of higher education. We want to build towards an internationally-connected, sustainable, and digital world.

5. What do you need to make this happen?

We started Leornova because we feel that there is still so much opportunity to improve the knowledge about internationalisation, digitalisation, and sustainability in higher education. We believe the synergy between these fields is the way forward.

6. What tip would you offer other entrepreneurs?

We love that we are not financially dependant on our business. We both work four days a week, and that takes the financial pressure off our business and allows us to experiment. It is a fact that most companies do not make any profit in the first 2-3 years… Therefore our tip would be to make sure you have a great business partner so that the process is fun as well!

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