In the spotlight: Tolooba

We know by now that images have an impact on people who are coping with dementia. The right image can spark a long forgotten memory and will bring a moment of clarity for people who can not easily acces their past. For a moment they are father, mother, spouse, grandma or grandpa again. Tolooba provides a streaming service for memories.

We asked them 6 questions:

1. What is your Value Proposition?
Tolooba develops data driven software solutions to enhance health and well-being for people with memory decline due to ageing or illness. 

Tolooba complies with the following SDG goals:

  • SDG goal 3: Good health and well-being

2. What’s your mission?

We want to help people use their memory as long as possible and thus enhance health and well-being for people with memory decline.

3. How did Mercator Launch help you?

Mercator Launch has opened doors for us and connected us to valuable contacts. The business coaches also provided us with useful tips and feedback on our business plan. The coaches know a lot about the entrepreneurial ecosystem and are able to spot opportunities.

4. What are the future plans for Tolooba?

Our plan is to help at least a million people improve their lives. To achieve this, we aim to grow and go international within 5 years. Ultimately, we want to work on prevention of memory loss rather than help people better cope with it.

5. What do you need to make this happen?

At this moment we need funding for signing a key partnership with Philips and for further developing our scientific prototype into our first market ready prototype. We need this in order to activate the license deal that we already agreed upon with our launching customer.

6. If you can give one piece of advice to future entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Challenge yourself to learn and develop a little more every day. Where you start is probably not where you will end up anyway.

Want to challenge yourself? Contact us!

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