Karmen’s top 3 tips for sustainable fashion

Karmen is a researcher, educator and practitioner in the field of fashion and is the founder of As of Nu. This are her top 3 tips for sustainable fashion.

1. There is no ‘new’ in fashion. A piece of clothing is considered fashionable when it fits in with the most recently presented trends. Remember that this is just a marketing trick, older clothes can definitely fit the newest trends too. A great way to find out what you think is important within a new trend, is going through the wardrobe of your family or friends. This way you’ll see that we as consumers already have a lot of the fashion that is presented as new by the fashion industry, hanging in our closets. Also, you might even be able to swap some clothes!

2. Can’t find fashionable clothes in your friends’ wardrobes? Try the thrift shop. Here you’ll usually find quality clothes for low prices. Extra tip: thrift shops in smaller towns are usually cheaper than the ones in cities.

3. Rediscover your own clothes. The average person owns about 100 wardrobe items. There’s a good chance there are some hidden gems that fit the newest fashion trends. To help you find your hidden gems As of Nu has developed a home research kit. This includes a manual that shows you exactly how to do your research and gives you tools to store your data. You can easily repurpose your clothes which is good news for both the environment and your wallet.