Masterclass 2: Get connected

Mercator Launch’s second masterclass is all about networking. Sallie Krawcheck – CEO and co-founder of Ellevest – defines networking as “the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business”. But how do you gain these productive relationships? Moreover, how do you make them work for your startup?

The most common mistake in networking is starting without a clear goal in mind. What is your end game? What do you want to reach? Without a clear set goal, you participate in an event; have interesting conversations, but none of it turns out to be useful for you or your business. By going in unprepared, you might just end up with a big pile of uninteresting and therefore ultimately useless business cards. Sounds familiar? Then this masterclass might be valuable to you!

The networking masterclass will answer key questions such as ‘what is networking’, ‘what could it mean to you and your business’, ‘and can I make it work for me’? Even though it may seem like some people are naturally good at it, networking is also a skill that you can learn and improve. This masterclass is focussed on getting you as far as possible in the world of networking.

As preparation, you will be asked to formulate what you want to get out of this masterclass: what do you need help with in networking and with what result will you ultimately be happy? In this way, the masterclass can lead to concrete and personalised tips and ideas for you to work with! Additionally, you will end up with a clear overview of what your network currently looks like and how to cultivate and utilise the relationships within your network.

After attending the masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Understand the power and concept of networking
  • Identify and define your own network
  • Determine what you need from your network
  • Have a networking conversation

Furthermore, you will learn to continuously ask yourself whether your need or question for networking has changed. Finally, you will discover that you can network anywhere, with anyone and at any time.

After the masterclass we challenge you to fulfil your networking goal. There will be a follow up session in which a contest will be held to see who made the most progress. Are you up for the challenge?

General information

The masterclass will take place on the 24th of February from 1 to 5 PM. The contest event will take place on the 1st of March from 4 to 5 PM. Both events will be held on zoom.

This event is for IMPROVE alumni only.