Ready to take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level? We’ve got you covered! In February and March of 2021, Mercator Launch will host four masterclasses. The subjects of the masterclasses will be: Build your founding team, Get connected, Pitch perfectly and Promote your startup. The masterclasses will take place in February and March of 2021 and will last between 3 to 5 hours each. They will be both informative and interactive, which allows you to put your newfound knowledge and skills into practice immediately. Below you will find short descriptions about each masterclass.

Get connected


An important part of being an entrepreneur and business owner is networking. Networking can bring you valuable contacts that could take your startup to the next level. This masterclass is all about communication and relationships. You will map your current network, learn how to start networking and how to sustain professional relationships and connections. IMPROVE alumni only

Pitch perfectly


Pitching is key when you try to sell your ideas. A great pitch can be just as important as a good business plan. Accordingly, pitching is a skill you should definitely put time and effort into. After this masterclass, you know exactly what to do and what not to do while pitching, in a way that you are able to pitch your startup to anyone. –IMPROVE alumni only

Promote your startup


This masterclass is very useful when your startup is in the phase of entering the market. You want to generate a lot of attention for your startup and create awareness amongst your target audience. To do this, you will need a well thought out strategy. In the masterclass, you will learn how to translate your goals and message into a functional marketing plan! –IMPROVE alumni only

Build your founding team


Founding a startup takes place in an uncertain and complex environment, and requires a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience and skills. More often than not, a single founder does not have all the required abilities. This is one of the reasons to find the right co-founder(s) and assemble a team in order to succeed. However, finding a co-founder is easier said than done. In this masterclass, you will gain insight into your own competences and skills as well as the vision of your startup, and what qualities to look for in a co-founder. This way, you can eventually make that perfect match and expand your team!