From Green Roots to Innovation: Meet our New Colleague Mathijs

Meet Mathijs Buddingh’, our passionate project manager at the Science Park, a thriving hub nestled within Radboud University and Radboudumc’s green campus. Here, knowledge-intensive companies collaborate and innovate, driven by a commitment to sustainability and impactful change. With a background rooted in stewardship principles, emphasizing responsible resource management, Mathijs brings a unique perspective to his role, blending sustainability with innovation for a brighter future.

Nature’s Influence on an Entrepreneurial Journey

Mathijs’s journey originates from a ‘green’ background in Agricultural Property Management, where stewardship principles profoundly influenced his worldview. Transitioning from real estate to municipal roles, Mathijs sought greater impact; “I wanted my talents to mean more… entrepreneurs often hold the key to the big challenges we face”. Now, as project manager at the University’s Science Park, he embraces the opportunity to contribute to an innovative entrepreneurial community.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

Mathijs points out the unique challenges of entrepreneurs, emphasizing the need for swift responses and perspective maintenance. Drawing from his pandemic experience, he applauds entrepreneurs’ resilience and creativity, showcasing their capacity to collaborate, support one another, and innovate amidst adversity. “In times of crisis, creativity and positivity are crucial”, notes Mathijs, highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit’s enduring strength.

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Growth in Nijmegen

Having fallen in love with Nijmegen, Mathijs witnessed the heart of the city’s entrepreneurship – a community that cares, collaborates, and works together. Believing that entrepreneurs contribute to the city’s livability and vibrancy, he sees a bright future ahead. With the Science Park, Mathijs aims to contribute to the ongoing care and support of Nijmegen’s entrepreneurs, ensuring that their creativity continues to shape the city’s dynamic.

“The Science Park is about creating a place where entrepreneurs can come together, collaborate, and achieve their full potential.”

With a vision for the Science Park as a hub of innovation and collaboration, Mathijs outlines plans to facilitate knowledge exchange and community building. “We aim to unburden entrepreneurs and foster a sense of community,” he shares. “By bringing residents into contact with each other, we can generate business together and maximize value.”

Join the Movement

In Mathijs’s words, Mercator Launch isn’t just a space; it’s a community-driven ecosystem where starting entrepreneurs thrive. “With our services, we want to unburden entrepreneurs,” he emphasizes. “By bringing Science Park residents into contact with each other, knowledge and experience can be exchanged, and companies can generate business together.” For aspiring entrepreneurs, Mercator Launch offers more than just a physical space—it offers a supportive network, tailored resources, and opportunities for collaboration that can accelerate growth and maximize impact. So, to those considering their next entrepreneurial leap, Mathijs extends a warm invitation: “Come join us at Mercator Launch, and let’s start this journey together!”

Mathijs’s journey embodies a dedication to nature, community, and meaningful change, positioning him as a driving force in shaping Nijmegen’s entrepreneurial landscape. Through the Science Park, his vision unfolds, cultivating a vibrant community where innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurial well-being thrive.