McLaunch at Science Park!

Today, we­ shared plans for an exciting new addition: a ve­gan McDonald’s location! While this idea gene­rated interest and curiosity, this is an April Fools’ Day prank!

At Mercator Launch, we’re passionate about supporting early-phase entrepreneurship and innovative business ideas. While the vegan McDonald’s might not become reality, it highlighted the university’s ongoing efforts to embrace plant-based options.

We fully support Radboud University’s mission to increase vegetarian and vegan offerings on campus, as outlined in its sustainability objectives for 2025. Embracing change and innovation is key to creating a healthier environment for everyone at the Science Park

Imagine a vegan McDonald’s as a hotspot for community gatherings! While this idea might not be coming to campus soon, the spirit of creativity and collaboration it inspired is something we’re proud of.

While you won’t be sinking your teeth into vegan McLaunches just yet, we encourage you to continue supporting sustainable initiatives and exploring new ideas that make a positive impact. Together, we can create a brighter, greener future for the Science Park and beyond.

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