Meet… Health Valley

Koen van den Hurk, Innovation Manager at Health Valley

“Health Valley Netherlands is the biggest Life Sciences & Health innovation network in The Netherlands, and it’s situated in Nijmegen. The network unites companies, care organizations, knowledge institutes and authorities, and enables them to grow stronger together. Whether we’re providing developers with needs and requirements from a healthcare point of view or delivering innovations to the patient: we bring innovations to the care sector, together.

Real innovative power is found where the needs of the care sector are integrated into technological innovations, medicines, devices and new methods of working. Therefore we organize knowledge sessions and matchmaking events to inspire new ideas and enable new contacts to collaborate. The team of Health Valley has a broad overview of what is happening in the field of healthcare innovation and the needs of the healthcare organizations in the network. These committed healthcare organisations in the network are willing to cooperate with companies in a validation of their ideas and in a later stage can help with pilots or scaling up.”

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