Meet… Mathilde van Wijk from HAN Center for Entrepreneurship!

“HAN Center for Entrepreneurship is the department within the HAN University of Applied Sciences for young ambitious (student) entrepreneurs at the HAN and is active on the campus in Arnhem and Nijmegen. Our mission is to inform and inspire HAN students about entrepreneurship, and to train and guide them in their entrepreneurial journey. In doing this, we aim to create an extra, or new, professional perspective for them in which students can create and add social value.

We offer interesting workshops and organise inspiring events. Students can also do a minor in which they can found and grow their startup and develop themselves as an entrepreneur. In addition to that we offer startup guidance, coaching and support in obtaining funds for their company. We also facilitate students in combining their business with their study curriculum. They can even do an internship or graduate at their own company! Students can also rely on our large and external network to help them scale up.

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Go to our website and schedule an appointment with one of our business coaches. We are ready to help you make your entrepreneurial dreams come true! Already graduated? Good news: alumni up to 2 years after graduation are also welcome at our center.”

Do you want to know more about the Center for Entrepreneurship? Mail Mathilde van Wijk