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Course: Writing a NWO Take Off Grant (ENG)

July 4

17:30:00 - 17:30:00

Event summary

Valuable research results sometimes threaten to go unused because knowledge and innovations must endure a difficult path to the market. Funding is needed to bridge the divide between the research and the market. The NWO Take-off programme bridges this funding gap. The aim of Take-off is to explore the further development and societal acceptance of a product, process, care or service innovation in the broadest sense of the word and within all scientific areas – from exact science and technology or life sciences to the humanities and social/behavioural sciences.

Writing this type of ‘valorisation grant’ requires a different mindset because you will need to tackle questions and challenges related to ‘business’ aspects. To help you prepare the application, the Knowledge Transfer Office, part of Research & Impact, offers a summer course “Writing a Take Off grant”. This course gives you the chance to validate and shape your idea in a practical way with the help of professionals. After the course, you will be able to pitch your innovation and write a successful Take-Off application.

The summer course is also beneficial for those exploring a spinoff company or interested in writing another valorisation grant, like the NWO Demonstrator grant.

“Well-structured and inspiring workshop with many practical insights a scientist would hardly think about him(her)self.” –  Victoria Mironova

“This two-day course was exactly what I needed to evaluate my project from a business perspective; I believe the skills learned in this course can be used to strengthen any science project, and make it easier to write impactful project proposals.” – Marijn Martens

The sessions are planned on July 4th and 5th, but we can reschedule in August depending on the availability of the group. Please apply if you are interested, even if the dates do not work for you. The course will run with 5 participants or more.

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