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Fuck-up Night (NL)

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Get inspired by the biggest missteps of Hubert Bruls and Han van Krieken during FuckUp Night at April 5, 2022. 

This year we are already hosting the 7th edition of FuckUp Night. It will be a night where successful entrepreneurs and other big names in Nijmegen share their biggest blunders. Students and aspiring entrepreneurs are there to realise one thing only, making mistakes in your career is what helps you learn.

Current society puts an incredible pressure on adolescents to perform. Both society and the individual create a situation in which everyone wants to show they’re perfect, something that is impossible to achieve. What people usually forget is that the basis of success is actually making mistakes. Everyone makes a mistake at some point during their career, even highly motivated people like Hubert Bruls and Han van Krieken.

We feel it is time to share the stories of some of these mistakes to show you that making mistakes is not only human, but most importantly very necessary to succeed.  Hogeschool van Arnhem-Nijmegen (Centrum Voor Ondernemerschap), StartUp Nijmegen and Radboud University and Radboudumc (Mercator Launch & Studentenwelzijn) team up to bring you a programme that includes:

– Mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Bruls

– Radboud University’s Rector Magnificus, Han van Krieken

– Founder of Sit & Heat, Jorg Rijkschroeff

– CEO of HomEvap, Judith van Dam.

The night will kick off at the Collegezalencomplex (CC1) at the campus of Radboud University around 19.00. After the programme there will be a social mixer for all attendees in Het Cultuurcafé, located nearby. Sign up for FuckUp Night via Eventbrite

Due to the current Covid regulations, you need to have a valid QR code to attend the event.

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Mercator Launch, StartUp Nijmegen & HAN Centrum voor Ondernemerschap