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Online workshop: No patent without strategy

May 10

14:00:00 - 16:30:00

Event summary

Patents, and other forms of intellectual property rights, are an important factor to consider for any tech starter and innovative tech SME. Even for those not filing patent applications themselves! For instance, a competitor (even one with inferior technology) may undermine your business opportunities with a patent application. 

In this webinar that we organise with Kadans Science Partner and EDP Patent Attorneys, we will use a fictional case study to address a number of common challenges and pitfalls. Including: How to handle a competitors patent? How to balance trade secrets and patent applications, also in view of funding/investor incentives? How to stay focused when you are building your innovation? What rights does a patent actually confer? And, what to do when a third party infringes on your patent rights?

After the fictional case study there will be an opportunity to discuss questions and cases relevant to your own business in a group setting. As the webinar tool from Kadans is not suited for this purpose, we will continue the session in a Zoom meeting from Briskr. Are you interested? You can let us know when you register, we will contact you for your questions/cases (if any) and we will send you a Zoom login link by email.

Ard Ellens – Patent Attorney, EDP
Ruben van Heck – Attorney Trainee, EDP

Webinar: Tom Straeter – Senior Ecosystem Manager, Kadans Science Partner
Interactive session: Martijn Kriens – Business Support Manager, Briskr

14:00 – 14:55  Presentation by EDP 
15:00 – 16:30  Interactive session for discussion of individual questions/cases

The webinar will be in English & participation is free. We advise you to use Google Chrome for the best connection. And we welcome new contacts, so feel free to share this invite with your network!

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