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Briskr: Workshop Reimbursement by healthcare insurance companies (ENG)

February 10

13:30:00 - 16:30:00

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Event / 10, Feb, 2022

Who is your client?
As an entrepreneur in healthcare you can have a great product to improve quality and efficiency in healthcare but still have a hard time selling it. The decision to use new technologies is divided between healthcare organisations and professionals, insurance companies and sometimes even patients. Often costs and returns are in different hands making renumeration hard. So how to sell prevention to doctors leading to a loss of hospital turnover?
This workshop will focus on renumeration in healthcare systems in general and specifically on the Dutch healthcare system. It will give insight in the way the healthcare system is organized to provide universal coverage for all, and what you should know if you want to get your innovation implemented and funded within The Netherlands and abroad.
What’s in it for me?
Jeroen will also show a lot of examples of the sort of brilliant business models which are needed to improve healthcare and realize the quadruple aim: better health, nicer treatment, happier healthcare workers and reduced cost. And then it’s time to apply the information to your own business case! There will be ample time to discuss, improve and refine your individual case with Jeroen and the other attendees.
About Jeroen
Jeroen Kemperman is sr. Manager Strategy & Business Development at Achmea/Zilveren Kruis and writer of several books on business models. He does this from his background in industrial engineering as well as from his practical perspective of working in healthcare. For his books he has researched working business models in the complex world of world-wide healthcare.
Live event
We aim to organize this workshop in a live setting (large room, small group) and will take all necessary RIVM/national guidelines into account. If a physical workshop is not possible, we will convert to an online session.
Book & Registration
In preparation of the workshop (and for future reference) we will send you the recommended book ‘Brilliant business models in Healthcare’ from Jeroen Kemperman, Jeroen Geelhoed & Jennifer op ’t Hoog (or in Dutch: ‘Briljante Businessmodellen in de Zorg’).
We charge a small fee to cover the expenses of this workshop; Book & postage (€50,-). We are a not for profit organisation, so any revenues, will be reinvested in future workshops & events.
We welcome new people, so feel free to share this invite with your network.

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