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StartUp Nijmegen workshop: Smashing 2023 with your goals and priorities (NL)

December 14

17:00:00 - 18:30:00

Event summary

Every day we’re all bombarded with incoming emails, calls, have a lot of ideas and wishes for our business. But how do you make sure you start working focused in the coming year, focusing mainly on what’ll really help you and your business move forward? Because as an entrepreneur, you don’t have a boss telling you what to achieve and how fast.

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to set specific and measurable goals for the coming years that’ll help you achieve them. How can you translate what you may already have vaguely in your head into concrete goals? Then we’ll talk about how you plan your activities for 2023 so that you’re working sufficiently “on” your business and not “in” it. With the result that your business is really going to deliver what you want. This workshop is suitable both for starting entrepreneurs and those who’ve been running their own business for some time and also want to show their employees where the business is going.

The workshop is hoster by Lizanne Jakobs, a well-known partner at Start Up Nijmegen and founder of Brilliant Work. Her coaching and consulting firm has been voted the best in the Netherlands for SMEs 3 times. Lizanne has been an entrepreneur and business coach for 12 years and knows how to get your entrepreneurship right. Together with her colleagues, they’re accredited by both the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, as well as the government, to provide 50-100% subsidy advice processes for ZZP (freelancers) and SMEs. In her workshops, you’ll learn very practical things in a very open atmosphere.


  • 16.50 walk-in
  • 17.00 start
  • 18.30 end

Attending the workshop is completely free for everyone, including (starting) entrepreneurs who aren’t affiliated with StartUp. Would you like to participate as a student of the ROC, HAN or RU? Please mention your study programme under the heading “organisation”.

For cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, however, we’ll charge 10 euros (ex. VAT).

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