Online courses to follow from your home office (or couch)!

Whether you want to improve your startup, learn a new skill or just have some time left, we got you covered! Below you can find an overview of different websites that offer (free) online courses.

Startup Commons

Startup Commons provides innovation entrepreneurship education. They offer their Growth Academy for Business Creators, a big course which gives you all the information you need on the startup world. You can sign up for the free 14 day trial to see if this is something you are interested in. More information can be found here.

Open Culture

Open Culture has created an overview of 1500 free online courses from different universities like Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Oxford. Most of these courses also offer the possibility to get a certificate at the end of the course, at a small fee. The courses follow a wide range of topics to choose from. These include multiple focussed on startups such as “How to Launch a Successful Startup Company” by MIT. You can find the list of all courses here.


The free courses offered by Harvard can be found on the Open Culture website. But worth mentioning is that Harvard has more to offer than just those free courses. They offer 135 online courses in total. These courses are not focused solely on businesses, but also cover topics like science, humanities and education. You can find the courses here.


Google has listed 126 free courses in Data and Tech, Digital Marketing, and Career Development. The courses are offered by Google itself, but also by different universities and online schools. These include some short courses which you can complete in under two hours, and longer courses that dive deeper into the topics. These courses can for example help you improve the online visibility of your startup or give you tips on advertising. The list of all courses can be found here.

Trailhead by Salesforce

Salesforce offers Trailhead, an online platform to learn tech and business skills. This is a more interactive site with a game like interface, where you can earn points for completing courses (also referred to as trails). This does not make the courses any less interesting and useful though! Against a fee certificates can also be obtained here. Check out the list of trails here.

Need more inspiration?

Ian Jeffrey has given a very interesting talk at Startupfest 2019 about the rollercoaster that a startup is. Listen to his story and the lessons he has learned along the way here.