Dangerous chemicals are used all around us, contaminating our environment, with the risk of destroying our health and ecosystems. Governments across Europe struggle to monitor extremely hazardous compounds due to a shortage of labor, expertise, and data.

Deconcern was founded by Robin Burgers (CEO) and Mick Geerits (CTO) to truly change the landscape of legislative control of dangerous chemicals in Europe. The Deconcern cloud tool assists both companies and governments by scanning standardized documentation to automatically identify all dangerous chemicals, their environmental impact, which chemicals should be removed, and what environmental reporting is required. Our mission is “Mapping all dangerous chemicals and their corresponding environmental impact in Europe.”

Robin Burgers (CEO) & Mick Geerits (CTO)

Focus area:
Automation of environmental legislation

Complies with the following Sustainable Development Goals:
Our work perfectly fits the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3.9: By 2030 significantly reduce deaths caused by hazardous chemicals

Contact information:

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