FlowView develops an algorithm that uses raw data from a flow cytometry machine and detects MRD more precisely (processing 8M cells in one go) and much faster than an expert analysis can (2 minutes versus >15 minutes expert analysis). Each year more than 3000 leukemia patients in the Netherlands need MRD monitoring. Since the relevant cells are in low numbers, pinpointing the malignant cells requires a lot of time and training for experts.

Flowview complies with the following SDG goals:

  • SDG 3: Good health and well-being

What is your mission?

The software will improve diagnostics and patient care at a lower cost to society.

How did Mercator Launch help you?

Via Radboud Innovatoin we negotiated a license for the patented software, they introduced us to investors and we got business support from Brechtje during our funding application process.

What are the future plans for FlowView?

At this point our solution is ‘just’ a software. FlowView aims to become an online platform that supports the healthcare professional in determining the progression of disease in an individual patient and make the appropriate decision for next steps in treatment. This requires fantastic technology, but also a user friendly interface that provides the right level of information to the user.