Maxy provides and improves quality, transparency, clarity and convenience of the driving school market with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art multi-sided platform.

What drives you?

With Maxy, we want to make sure that students feel comfortable with an instructor who suits them; we want to make sure that instructors are appreciated and valued for their profession; we want to provide overview, transparency, convenience and honesty in the market; and we want to improve quality of the market. This all contributes to our mission to reduce the number of traffic casualties to zero.

What support did you get from Mercator Launch?

Mercator Launch contributes to Maxy’s development by opening up their network, sharing knowledge and providing guidance right down to the details. Mercator Launch supports us by connecting us to the right people, checking the figures down to the last decimal point, and working together to put the business plan in the right format to convince investors.

What are the future plans for Data Origins?

Maxy aims to start by helping students and driving schools in the process of obtaining a driving license for a car in a particular area. If the concept catches on, Maxy will work as hard as possible to help as many students and driving schools as possible in the Netherlands in the process of obtaining a driving license. From here on, we will not shy away from adding other driving licenses to the platform and will even look to expand abroad.

What do you need to make this happen?

As part of the venture track, we are working hard to have our business plan and go-to-market ready for launch. From here, we want to engage with investors to be ready for rapid scale-up and to expand our marketing and software capabilities and capacity.

What tip would you offer other entrepreneurs?

Seize the opportunity that comes your way and do not shy away from learning from and listening to others.