Micro-Cosmos is developing a hood for hospital beds to provide patients with a calmer environment. By reducing sounds and lights from the surrounding environment, a private environment is created. This can help patients to sleep better and recover faster.

What drives you?

Micro-Cosmos’ mission is to improve sleep and recovery of patients in hospitals by improving their own micro-environment.

How did Mercator Launch help you?

Mercator Launch gave us great advice on various topics and a lot of support during the startup process of our company. They helped me find my co-founder and I got in touch with many other interesting entrepreneurs through their network.

What are the future plans for Micro-Cosmos?

We want to make an impact on patients’ lives by improving their recovery time and recovery quality. Our Micro-Cosmos dome will have a massive impact on the hospital environment because of the new, innovative technologies inside the dome. We believe that our product will be very beneficial to both patients and medical personnel.

What do you need to make this happen?

Patients and medical personnel that can get behind the idea of our product. If they experience the benefits of the Mirco-Cosmos dome firsthand, we are sure that we will find a way to launch our product to the market.

What tip would you offer other entrepreneurs?

Build a mock-up of your product as soon as you can and never stop talking to stakeholders to understand their needs.

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