Top 3 go-to places for Intellectual Property questions!

Innovation, startups and Intellectual Property (IP) go side by side. But what is it? And where do you go if you have questions about it?

Intellectual property (IP) officially refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. Intellectual property is basically something unique that you physically create. You might have come across it in practice when talking about patents, trademarks or copyrights. We can only imagine that you have a lot of questions about Intellectual Property. So, we made a top 3 of places you can go to if you have any questions about IP!

Are you a Radbodian?

If you are an employee or student at Radboud University or Radboudumc, the so-called ‘Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) is the place to go! A KTO supports researchers in the complex process of valorisation, which is the process of creating value from knowledge by transforming it into products, services, processes and new business. Specialists working at the KTO provide tailor-made services to researchers with respect to IP scans, IP protection (e.g. filing patents), IP management, and technology licensing. People working at a KTO are patent attorneys, contract managers, business developers and innovation management experts. So, if you are wondering whether your idea can be protected and how, go to:

Not a Radbodian and want free advice?

These organisations offer free advice and (online) workshops on IP.

  • Business owners (SMEs, start-ups), scientists, teachers and students can consult with the Netherlands Patent Office free of charge about any patent-related queries or other ways to protect your IP.
  • SMEs and startups can also go to the European IP Helpdesk, a service funded by the European Commission which provides free-of-charge, first-line advice and information on IP. Whether you need personal support on a specific IP issue, want to be informed about the latest developments in the world of IP and Innovation in Europe, or if you are interested in a training session on IP – the European IP Helpdesk is the right partner to turn to. Tip: the library contains a lot of factsheets, checklists and legal templates!
  • Startup Nijmegen provides free consultation with a patent attorney to startups located in Nijmegen.

Do you have an urgent, detailed or strategic IP question?

If your question is urgent or detailed, or if you’re looking for a strategic partner to support you all the way, you can always go to professional IP consultants. If you know what you are looking for, find a specialist that knows everything about your field of expertise. If you are not sure, you can go full-service firm like AOMB, Arnold & Sietsma or VO. Usually, the first meeting(s) are free of charge.

We hope this will guide you in the right direction, but if you are still not sure where to go, you can always contact (Brechtje at) Mercator Launch!

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