Women in Business

We would like to invite all women to celebrate female entrepreneurship on March 8 2022! Women are underrepresented and underestimated in corporate leadership, making up only 4.8% of CEOs, despite making up 44.7% of total employees. Added to that, women are even now payed less than men in spite of doing the same tasks.

Mercator Launch hosts an interactive ask-me-anything meet-up with a panel of business women at different stages in their careers to discuss these advantages, challenges and opportunities. To hear their advice and learn from their own personal stories about starting an own business, combating gender stereotypes and championing the cause of women in the workplace, you can sign in now for this meet-up!

Panel consists of:

  • Marinka Nooteboom (CEO Koninklijke Nooteboom Groep & Businesswomen of the year 2022)
  • Hester Tak (Investment Manager Health Oost NL)
  • Kris Bevelander (Owner Crowdience and senior researcher at Radboudumc)

Due to the current Covid regulations, you need to have a valid QR code to attend the event.

Event details:

  • Tuesday March 8 2022
  • 15:00-17:00h
  • Free of charge