MindAffect in the Top 10 Dutch Breakthrough Technologies 2018

If you’re interested in the technologies that will have an impact on our lives, you definitely should check out this list. In consultation with leading academics, investors and industry experts 10 breakthrough technologies have been chosen. A groundbreaking technology developed at the Radboud University is part of it.

MindAffect, spinoff from Radboud University, pioneers in the field of Brain-controlled computer interfaces. One of the founders of MindAffect, Peter Desain, has over 20 years of research in this field.

The MindAffect-team develops and improves a technology that allows ALS-patients to communicate again. The patient wears a headset that measures electronic brain activity. By looking at a special keyboard, the technology matches brain signal with a specific letter, allowing patients to spell words and sentences. MindAffect tested their technology at Lowlands where hundreds of visitors wrote a story using Brain Computer Interface (BCI). Participants found BCI reliable and easy to use.

An amazing breakthrough, allowing those suffering from lock-in syndrome, to communicate speak again.