MindAffect, spinoff company of Radboud University, raises capital for ALS-invention

MindAffect, a Dutch startup, raises €1 million venture capital from different Dutch investors. The startup and spinoff from the Radboud University develops a breakthrough technology entitled with ‘brain computer interface’ that enables amongst pters ALS patients to communicate again.

Peter Desain, one of the founders and professor Artificial Intelligence at the Radboud University has already performed research for over 20 years in brain computer interface. He explains that the technology is able to link brain activity to objects that people are looking at, which in turn enables us to control a computer. ”In other words, patients who are not able to speak and move as a consequence of ALS or cerebral infarct can use our technology to communicate with their loved ones again.”

MindAffect is founded in September 2017 and soon opens their new office in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Its mission is to open up new dimensions of interactions through the development of Brain Computer Interface. With the €1 million investment by a consortium of Dutch investors, the startup is empowered to complete its mission. Ivo de la Rive Box, CEO of MindAffect, is proud of the investment: “We feel honoured that so many stakeholders in the market have given us the confidence to further develop our technology into a product for people that have lost their ability to communicate.”