Do you feel the groove to IMPROVE?

Do you have a great idea, an entrepreneurial mindset and do you want to get started? Present your idea to the experts at Mercator Launch and get one of the highly valued spots in the Mercator Launch IMPROVE program!

What is the IMPROVE program?
The IMPROVE program is a 10 step pre-incubation program that supports future entrepreneurs in starting their own business. The program is based on the Lean Startup method and guides startups through the most vital steps of starting their business. Participants are offered support, tools and strategies to ensure an excellent start.

What can you expect?

  • A ‘yellow brick road’ from start to startup

  • Eight workshops in a time frame of two months:
    1. October 25th (3.30PM – 6PM)
    2. October 31st (4PM – 6PM)
    3. November 7th (4PM – 6PM)
    4. November 15th (4PM – 6PM)
    5. November 22nd (4PM – 6PM)
    6. November 28th (4PM – 6PM)
    7. December 12th (4PM – 6PM)
    8. December 19th (4PM – 6PM)

  • Coaching, feedback and the possibility to extend your professional network

  • Possibility of financial support


  • A better understanding of who you are as an entrepreneur

  • Insight in the feasibility of your idea

  • Insight in your potential market and your future clients

  • An investor ready business plan with a sound funding strategy

Sign up!
Are you a student at Radboud University or HAN, or a recent graduate? Do you think you have that million dollar idea and are you interested in the IMPROVE program? Take a chance on it and sign up below! Or send an e-mail to .