Expertblog: Mathijs Buddingh’ about location

Mathijs Buddingh'

The perfect first office

Do you believe in the one? The perfect location to set up your business? Well, I don’t know. Before I got my job as an account manager at the municipality of Nijmegen, I was responsible for renting out office space at Industriepark Kleefse Waard in Arnhem. A very industrial and trendy place to work, with office space available from 20 m2 to a staggering 20.000 m2. But no matter how beautiful and hip a space may look at first sight: you have to really make it your own before it’s perfect. Here are a few tips to help you do that:

  • Think about what suits you and your starting company best: having your own, hip office may seem like a success, but it is only a means to get somewhere… it’s not the goal! As a small company it is important to get inspiration from other entrepreneurs and it’s nice to be part of a community. So, take a good look at the added value of a location. What more does this space offer you than just a roof over your head?
  • If you rent office space, you will have to deal with monthly charges. Think of your office as a means of production in which you invest. Renting space is an investment that does not depreciate every month to a residual value. These are out-of-pocket costs, just like your monthly phone bill, and you want to keep them as low as possible. As such, ask yourself the following questions: what is the state in which the space is delivered? Does it need a new floor or paint? Is a flexible rental contract a possibility? Or go location-hunting with another startup, how fun! And last but not least: be critical about service costs and monthly energy costs (request a service cost settlement from the previous year) and ask advice from someone who has experience with renting office space!

  • Always use your network! There is a high demand for office space in Nijmegen and you’ll hear a lot sooner about available space if you know someone, who knows someone… So, the same rules apply here as they do when you’re looking for your own personal living space. It always helps to know people! There are many interesting locations to rent around town: from storage space and individual work places to office spaces. For a general overview, visit or just ask me!
  • I don’t have to tell you that Nijmegen is a nice city to live and work in. Even though Nijmegen great places for starting entrepreneurs, not all places are ideal for you when you’re starting up. So, when you’re looking at locations, keep the following things in mind: is the office located in a central area, easily accessible and in a nice neighborhood? When those boxes are checked, it’s also important to look at shared facilities in the building, the indoor climate, the light, the blinds, the smell of the room. Because sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference in your work enjoyment. Go with your gut feeling!

Do you have questions about accommodation in Nijmegen? Feel free to contact met at or +31 6 2576 2343. Good luck with your business and welcome to Nijmegen