In the spotlight… Techwatch!

Techwatch is a Nijmegen-based, full-service media platform focused on high-tech industry in the Benelux. Due to the pandemic, they have expanded their scope to non-high-tech companies, helping them organise online events. They helped us organise Hero Entrepreneurs and the Innovation Competition online! Because they have quickly become one of our favourite partners to work with, it’s time to put them in the spotlight this month.

We asked them 5 questions about their company.

What is your company mission at Techwatch?

“Since 1999, we write about the hightech news in the Benelux. With our magazines Bits&Chips and Mechatronica&Machinebouw, we have the mission to strengthen the high-tech ecosystem in The Netherlands and Belgium and to make it healthier by supplying independent knowledge and information.”

Why did you create Techwatch at the time?

“We wanted to bring news to and about the high-tech industry. There wasn’t a Dutch newsletter for the high-tech market yet, in 1999. Our coverage revolves around the influence of technology, embedded systems, electronics, mechatronics and semiconductors.”

When should people come to Techwatch?

“At Techwatch we can handle all of your marketing and content needs for the high-tech industry. We bring news, offer content services, organise (online) events (and offer them as a service) and we create and host webinars, podcasts and videos. Just like we did for Mercator Launch!”

What are the future plans for your company?

“In the near future we hope we can organise many events on location. Additionally, our plans are to expand readership for our publications, with a special focus on international readers. With Techwatch, we hope to be able to organise events for customers outside the high-tech market too, online and offline.”

What is your advice for starting entrepreneurs?

“Always keep innovating. Do not relax when you think things are going easy, because markets change and time changes. Keep in touch with you target audience. How do they feel, what are their challenges and what do they need? And, most importantly: how can you help them?”