Top 5 cool co-working spaces in Nijmegen

Nijmegen has a great startup climate with many accelerators, incubators and investors located in the city and on campus. And even though Nijmegen is only one hour away from big cities such as Utrecht and Amsterdam, it doesn’t have any traffic jams and office space is readily available at reasonable prices. Another big plus is that Nijmegen is very close to Germany, where even more business opportunities await than in The Netherlands! So, if you’re not already thinking about moving your business to or starting a business in Nijmegen… think again! 😊

Together with Mercator Science Park we offer various interesting and useful entrepreneurial courses, offices and state-of-the art facilities to get young entrepreneurs started. But what other inspiring places does Nijmegen offer? Where can you work in a cool environment, meet like-minded people and, most importantly, get a GOOD cup of coffee? We picked 5 hidden gems where you can rent your own workplace or desk for a good price:

  1. FIKA

In the heart of Nijmegen, coffee bar FIKA offers a pleasant quiet and peaceful atmosphere with unlimited coffee and tea. Here you will meet people from different work fields. The best part? You pay only €6 for the first 2 hours and from then on it’s only €2 per hour. You can also get a monthly subscription, ideal for part-time entrepreneurs.

Looking to find the right balance between working hard and peace of mind? Go to Bhalu and combine working on your startup with fresh food in a calm green living room environment. Wow, I feel more zen already. Want to re-energize during the day? Take one of their famous relaxing yoga courses. 

If good vibes and high-speed internet is what you’re looking for, you will find it near Central Station at Guesthouse Vertoef. Read, work, study and ponder about your next step in your career and new inspiring business ideas while feeling like you’re on a road trip abroad. For only €149 a month you’ll get yourself a really cool and relaxing place to work, including parking space and meeting rooms.

Imagine going to work in a national monument just outside the city center of Nijmegen. The Kazerne offers just what your starting company needs: office space (furnished and unfurnished between 25-100m²), flexible contract options and, last but not least, free parking! And the biggest plus? The restaurant located in the Krayenhoff Kazerne is a perfect spot to work outside in the sunshine.

Not looking for something fancy, but happy with a solid professional environment? Check out Bedrijvencentrum Groenestraat. Located just 5 minutes from campus, this facility offers all the necessities, including a personalized reception and a weekly VrijMiBo (FridayAfternoonDrinks😊)! Renting prices start at €115, but starters get a discount of 20%