Meet Florine Dams, our newest addition to the Mercator Launch Team

How did you end up at Mercator Launch?

Two years ago, I applied for the student marketing position at Mercator Launch. Based on my love for and experience in event management, they asked me to join the team as the event coordinator.

I have been organizing events since high school and during my studies I joined various event committees and organized many formal and informal excursions, weekends and lustrum activities. I also had an internship at an event agency that organized festivals all over the world.

In two years´ time, I have been able to organize major events for Mercator Launch, from the first edition of Women in Business to Hero Entrepreneurs, where Tony’s Chocolonely and Swapfiets were the keynote speakers. While organizing these events, I became increasingly involved in the marketing and communication processes. And it is precisely this combination that interests me and makes this the ideal job for me. So, when the permanent position for marketing & communication advisor became available, I did not hesitate for a moment. I was able to start the minute after I handed in my thesis (ok, it was a month 😉).”

What is your ultimate goal for Mercator Launch?

“That nobody – and I mean nobody – on campus doesn’t know Mercator Launch. In a while that is, I just got started. 😊”

Where can we find you if you’re not at the Mercator Launch (home) office?

“I like to do fun and crazy things with friends such as game nights, or organizing competitions such as cake baking, all you can eat and painting competitions. I’m also a big fan of VRIJMIBO’s (Friday afternoon drinks) and like to have drinks with friends or go to festivals. Oh, and my guilty pleasure? Binging Temptation Island and RuPaul’s Dragrace.”

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