New coach in town: Saskia Eijkelhof

The newest addition to the Mercator Launch team is business coach Saskia Eijkelhof. This thirty-five-year-old lady was born in Tilburg, but has been living in Nijmegen ever since she studied at the HAN and Radboud University. A bachelor in Business Communication, a master in Public Administration and a minor at the HAN Center for Entrepreneurship summarizes her career as a student.

About Saskia

In her professional career, Saskia held various management positions and has been mostly active in sales, marketing and business development. She will use her experience to boost the sales and business development expertise within the Mercator Launch team.

Saskia has had an international mindset ever since the early days of her career. This started during her student life when she took a number of courses in Budapest. And later on, no matter the job, she always looked and acted outside the (national) borders.

Saskia’s personal life is just as adventurous as her career. At first glance, Saskia, her boyfriend and their cats, Rosa and Mr. Squiggles, might seem well-behaved. But don’t let appearances fool you. Whether it’s snowboarding, a car rally to Mongolia, or a game of bridge, she loves doing crazy things! If this is a bridge too far for you, it’s also fine to talk about football, vegan cooking or Temptation Island 😉

If you can’t find Saskia at the office, you will probably find her at the RSC trying out different sports. Or you might spot her on her bike to work: ‘Finally, no more traffic jams!’

For coaching or just coffee, contact Saskia at: .