At the end of this year, we’ll have supported over 400 budding entrepreneurs. We’re really proud and happy to reach such numbers. They show our stakeholders what we do and why we do it. They help us convince them that our support is needed and valuable. These numbers also represent 400 individual stories about ambition, goals, dreams, ideas, and innovation. Every story is unique and every one of them fills us with joy. It’s wonderful to see people realise their desired wish of becoming an entrepreneur, improving themselves and growing. As your favourite entrepreneurial skills training programme, we’ll continue to support you on your journey.

With budding entrepreneurs come startups. At the time of writing, Mercator Launch has helped bring over 80 startups into existence. These startups are driven by entrepreneurs, and we know exactly how to guide and support them. However, different needs arise when a startup is founded.

That’s why we expand our services. After participating in our IMPROVE programme, we offer startups the opportunity to incubate just a few steps from our office.

5 reasons why you should join our INCUBATE programme

  1. Office space & facilities. What’s better than owning your own office space? Having one right next to our coaches and other fellow entrepreneurs! Renting an office here comes with extra benefits: delicious strong coffee in the morning, good Wi-Fi, and meeting rooms.
  2. Keep Improving. The journey doesn’t stop after finishing our IMPROVE programme. Together with our partners, we offer numerous masterclasses, workshops, and events during the year. By joining the INCUBATE programme, you automatically reserve a spot.
  3. Support. We always like to chat and are ready to help you out on challenging topics. Support is never far away!
  4. Access to the entrepreneurial world. Mercator Launch has a network of interesting people. With that, we can help you increase your network faster, with funding possibilities, and link you with a large group of supportive mentors and experts waiting to guide you.
  5. Community. Last but certainly not least, there’s a flourishing entrepreneurial community waiting for you to join and participate. You’re not alone on this exciting roller coaster ride. Support, companionship, and fun are always available. We’re in this together!

Are you ready to join our INCUBATE programme or do you want more information? Contact .