In the spotlight… International Students Work

1. What problems are you solving?

We connect international students and graduates with local companies to enhance the integration of the internationals in Dutch society.

 2. What drives you to provide this service?

All members of our team have experience studying abroad or being an international student in the Netherlands. From personal experience, we know how hard it can be to find your place in a new city. However, we also know the drive and potential of international students. That’s why we want to push them in the right direction!

 3. How did Mercator Launch help you?

Mercator Launch really helped us with their feedback on our general business plan during the Discovery track and Venture track, but also customised feedback on our business proposal for funding (i.e. GV voucher). We eventually got the funding and now we have been able to professionalize our marketing activities and attract our first customers.

As starting entrepreneurs we did not know the importance of networking and having the right connections yet. With the help of Mercator Launch we got in contact with key decision makers in the region, such as the Rector Magnificus of the Radboud Univeristy, Han van Krieken!

Last but not least, the guest lectures of OostNL and Rabobank gave practical tools and insights.  

 4. What are the future plans for International Students Work?

We have so many energetic ideas and plans. But for now we focus on getting more students and companies in the region Arnhem-Nijmegen on board to validate our business case.

 5. What do you need to make this happen?

Stronger collaborations with both universities and local companies.

 6. If you can give one piece of advice to future entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to share your business plans and challenges you face. It’s not just your own network but the network of others that will bring you closer to a well running business.

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